The aim of my studies is to learn how to bring real life improvements through the practice of meditation and its associated arts. Life mastery through Meditation involves bringing the improved mental abilities and higher awareness into your normal functioning consciousness. Sometimes when I have found it hard to develop a specific skill or ability I have searched out a person or school that specialises in that area and immersed myself in it. Often just being around people who are far better at something than you is enough to create a significant improvement, sometimes a specific insight or method is enough to find the hidden potential you seek. More often than not however, it’s just practice that perfects your character.


The Zen Diet


Have you ever noticed how few people who profess self mastery seem to have this life skill under control? What you put in your body is a very fundamental aspect of life and can teach you a great deal about yourself and how you interact in the world. The saying you are what you eat is certainly true, and in many cases we can make great leaps in our personal development by overcoming areas that need improvement in this area. The Zen Diet is a result of my studies into internal way of making permanent improvements to diet, health and lifestyle.


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Zen Warrior Exercises - Yi Jin Jing


Could bodybuilding be spiritual? Can you hone the mind through movement, and develop your mental control in parallel to bodily control? These regenerative, body toning exercises from the Shaolin temple in China are a form of moving meditation that do just that.


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For as long as records have existed we have classified different personalities and tendencies in humans by the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is such an efficient classification method that it refuses to be lost, in more recent times the medieval humours have resurfaced as the Jungian personality types. It seems even if we don’t know the classical elements we still think in terms of being fiery, wet, spacey or solid. In Ninjutsu you are taught to apply these different elements to real situations and to become more balanced in your personality through this practice.


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Butterfly Tai chi

It’s great to learn to be more controlled, but sometimes we need to be able to learn to be without control - to go with the flow and be. First however you need to be able to feel that flow. Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise from China which focuses on finding this underlying force.


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Through symbolic plays members are taught great attentiveness to every word and the ability to perfect the art of memory though the memorization of many hours of complicated rituals containing moral lessons, leading to a virtuous life and harmonious interaction with the world. Ideal for someone wanting to master awareness in word and action, it seems no coincidence that Freemasonry's ritual practices focus on the secret of the lost word.


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